ViewSoft is specialized in providing on-site, long-term, part-time consultation and support services on a contract basis to all our clients. Our unique implementation/rollout framework combines proven methodologies, best practices, tools, and accelerators to deliver risk free implementations in a cost effective and time bound manner. We provide both technical and functional support services to implement, manage, modify, fix bugs and maintain your ERP applications and their related systems .At ViewSoft we provide our clients with general methodology of the support levels.





Hours of coverage

Standard business hours

Standard business hours

 24 Hours / 7 Days

Support channel

Web and phone

Web , phone , Remotely and Visits

Web , phone , Remotely and Visits

Number of cases

2 Cases / Month

5 Cases / Month


Severity 1

4 business hour

1 business hour

1 hour

Severity 2

8 business hours

4 business hours

2 hours

Severity 3

2 business day

1 business day

4 business hours

02 - 24712982
24/7 Global Support


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ViewSoft Company Products and Services.


  • ViewSoft have the honor to participate in Cairo ICT under Oracle umbrella, CairoICT is a platform for new technologies and trends, it is stand different because of the tailoring of technologies and trends to conditions of the targeted markets.