ViewSoft (Document Management System) helps companies to archive all types of documents in database so we can easily search and show any document, it has many features do the following:
• Define different departments in tree multi levels
• Define saving locations and link it with departments
• Define folders and documents types and its contents.
• Set users privileges with dept., locations, folders and documents  
• Set work flow cycle for each document 
• Fully web based
• Ability of completing the process of lifting the documents or access them from various work sites inside or outside the company's headquarters.
• Saving documents on database which offer more security and safety.
• Upload any documents types
• Log all the document transactions.   
• Internal mail between application users

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ViewSoft Company Products and Services.


  • ViewSoft have the honor to participate in Cairo ICT under Oracle umbrella, CairoICT is a platform for new technologies and trends, it is stand different because of the tailoring of technologies and trends to conditions of the targeted markets.