Is one of the largest and oldest companies operating in the public sector based on the transmission and distribution of electricity to the West Delta region,which employs more than 4,000 employees and technicians and workers.

It means that, company needs for powerful Human Resources system can cover all the company requirements, hence the reliance on VIEWSOFT HR System .

With VIEWSOFT HR System, company was able to develop an integrated database for such a large number of employees,starting from the administrative structure, job descriptions, sectors and financial grades,with the definition of contracts types, social situations, educational qualifications, military status…. etc.So as to put an integrated employee's file.

It is available in the strengths of the VIEWSOFT HR System, over the flexibility of the system in consistency with the applicable rules of vacations within the company,whether set forth in the law or mentioned in the list of the internal workings of the company.

With time attendance program (one of the VIEWSOFT HR System) company upload attendance data of such a large number of staff automatically by integrating  with attendance machine,so that they can at any moment know the position of Attendance for all staff,which was a abnormal working load in case manual insert without VIEWSOFT HR System ,As the approved list of penalties within the company is automatically activated through the program by calculating the offenses set forth in Regulation.At the same time rules apply to the calculation of overtime through the system

At the end of each month, With time payroll program (one of the VIEWSOFT HR System) company can calculate the employees' salaries of in an expeditious manner in spite of all this number,taking into account the effects resulting from the attendance like penalties and overtime,and also with the calculation of social insurance and taxes according to the rules and applicable laws,It can also integrate with different banks that are issued salaries, by send report for each bank with employees account number and the value of each account

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